I just wanted to get some constructive feedback on the site that I am currently working on:





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Out of curiosity, what theme is your site based off of? Looks good

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Im using TB Sirate on that section of the site.

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what module did you use for that kind of menu, might be considering that especially a site with lot of content

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The menu is TB Mega Menu

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You made a great job with the responsive template, but the menu can be difficult to navigate on cell phones so may you consider a "real responsive" menu. Anyways great website!

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The menu is tb mega menu, this changes on the mobile view to a drop down list. Eventually the menus will be less overloaded with items, and will focus on sections.

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it looks professional. it have clean nice design.

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what module did you use for creating so interesting tag cloud?

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I used a web site that creates tag clouds, think it was https://tagul.com/ and addedd it too my site in a block