I am experiencing ~ 6 second page loads on every page of my site. All of my scripts are loading from cache and relatively quickly except one, which will take 5.6-5.9 seconds to load (using FireBug to monitor). Originally it looked to be the overlay javascript file, so I disabled the module. Then it was contextual.js with the exact same load time with everything else being quick. When I disabled that module it was yet another js library taking the same amount of time. This leads me to believe it has nothing to do with the libraries and is some other issue with the pages / rendering. I tried aggregating the JS and CSS, but the same issue was happening.

I am honestly at a loss for what to try. I suspect there is some problem here unrelated to loading any of the js files and that firebug is just reporting the delay as part of the last loaded file. This happens on both my custom pages and core drupal pages (like the modules and people screens).


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More to the point - is there any way to tell what is causing the long delay if it is not the javascript library?