We require a Drupal expert to tie in our Drupal site with our bingo software.

The contractor should tie in the registration/password change/login system of Drupal to our bingo software which is installed on the same Windows server.

The contractor should also tie in the bingo points system with drupals 'Userpoints' module, which is already installed on our site. The result will therefore be one points balance per registered user which can be added or substracted by various existing acitivities on the Drupal site AND once this job is complete, by using the bingo game.

We believe that the appropriate developer will be able to complete this job comfortably within one working day..

We have a series of jobs to complete on this site, so if we work well together we'll have no reason not to hire you for the next job. The next job will be using one of the shopping cart systems with userpoints to give users a way of 'spending' the points they have 'earnt' on our site...

There will then be around three more tasks. We really would like these tasks completing quickly

Budget is around $300 but we can be flexible so don't be put off from contacting.


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You might want to mention the name of the bingo software and provide a link to it

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Sure thing. The software is from Pro Wager Systems. http://www.prowagersystems.com/

Currently as we speak, our Drupal site (www.bingoparadise.co.uk) is being shifted onto our new server where the bingo software currently resides.

Currently if you go to freebingoland.co.uk you will be able to see the bingo software in its currently unthemed state.

Once our Drupal site arrives on the server the bingo game will be situated in a directory such as www.bingoparadise.co.uk/game

For now though, as I mentioned, you can see the bingo game at freebingoland.co.uk

You can login with username: admin
Password: abcdef

Once logged in, you'll be able to see a little section in which there is a link to 'new bingo theme' this is the link that opens up the bingo games.

It will be this link that users will be able to click from our Drupal site to be automatically logged into the bingo game.

Please let me know specifically what other information is needed or if I am not being clear.. I can refer questions to the bingo software vendor too.


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Password and userpoints tie-in. $300. Three more undefined tasks. One day.

'Nuff said.

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Is this related to the original job post, if not, you should add your own post.

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@1kenthomas What's your point? I get the feeling you have not read the post thoroughly. If you read it carefully you will realize that those 'three undefined jobs' are projects we will require work on in the future, they don't come under this task.. The picture I am trying to paint is that we have lots of jobs which need doing after this task and if we find someone good to work with we would be delighted to award them the next job.

We've had a number of great enquiries about this task but we're still open to others.

Thanks so much, Tom Waite