I have followed the video of setting up this module with commerce multiple times. The variations show up correctly, and my drop down attributes work fine. However, when I click the "add to cart" button, it only adds the first variation to the product, no matter what I have selected.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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So the variation added to the cart is not the one you selected on the add to cart form?

IEF has nothing to do with the add to cart form, so it might be another module interfering with the process.

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This exact thing is happening to me, but only when I upload a file via Line Item before adding it to cart.

Tried it with clean install ( w/o any unnecessary modules ), still the same.

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That is correct.

Figured I'd start here with questions given that everything works fine with this module disabled. I did not use Commerce Kickstart.

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I don't see how IEF can affect the add to cart form, it's not used there.
Marking as a duplicate of #2095377: Selected variation resets to the first one in queue after uploading a file which describes the same thing, and sending that issue to the Commerce issue queue.