I want to start a web site that is like a book exchange website. See http://bookmooch.com/

Can you guys recommend some important Drupal modules? For example, search, admin, security, and possibly surveys.

I am new to Drupal so I don't know if Drupal is a good fit for this type of websites. Will there be a lot of customization or mostly just install Drupal/modules and the website will be good to go?


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Drupal is a powerful solution that you can adjust to the needs of your website. I have reviewed your website and I thing that first you may need a catalog of the books you are placing on your website and I would suggest the use of the Spider Catalog

You can use a search module, such as the Custom Search. Regarding security, note that this is quite an extensive subject and there is no single answer for that. However, a good start would be the use of the following Security Review module, which will point out the most common mistakes that you can make when developing your website.

Other than the modules I have listed above, I would suggest that you review the list of all available modules for Drupal here

Best of luck with your project!

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Thanks so much for your input. It is very helpful to have a basic list of modules to start from.

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Such a useful your inputs.Thanks for this helpful shearing.