One major problem I have run into during my work on #1839516: Introduce entity operation providers is that there is NO relationship between operations and paths/routes. The current situation uses entity types' route_base_path definitions and suffixed it with the operation and that works in most cases, but it needs the occasional overwrite. Next to that, entity type annotations have a "link" property that provides path templates based on IANA's Link Relations, which is not sufficient for what we need to do on the server side, and also uses paths instead of route names.


Introduce a link between operations and route paths, so we can generate links for specific entity operations in a consistent and foolproof way.


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To be clear, there are two main problems:

  1. Existing systems use paths instead of route names.
  2. There is no reliability, which is bad DX. This manifests itself in the fact that (Config)EntityListController defines operations of which the paths have to be overridden by entity-type specific controllers.
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Entity link templates now map entity operations to route names. This was fixed elsewhere.