Hi everyone

This is my first post on here (I think?), I've dabbled with looking at Drupal in the past and been put off for one reason or another, however, now I am getting into it and making a real start on it becoming my primary CMS, etc. So far, I'm loving the whole system, other than a few little niggles and therefore and hoping you kind folks can assist me with a thing or two...

1. I had trouble with themes and using them with a Kickstart Commerce install, when I then realised I needed to manually install under the profiles directory. However, I now seem to only have the Global Settings available for a theme that I can see has additional options (such as colour wheel) in a non profile / distribution installation.

2. I'm also seeing weird italicised fonts used in titles in the appearance menu, particularly in the disabled themes (although doesn't include all) and in particular the 'Administration Theme' title which is also doubled somehow. Please see images...



Rather than explore this and use discovery learning as my method I would really like to be pointed in the right direction, rather than potentially cause more issues.

3. I seem to be having trouble with 'There was a problem checking available updates for Drupal' - could this most likely be php setting related?

Many many thanks in advance.



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'There was a problem checking available updates for Drupal'

Run the updates. Run the database updates. If drupal does not update automatically, then you need to update manually. What the drupal version you are running?

Sandip Choudhury

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Hi and thanks for your response.

Everything is up to date. No updates required.

I'm running the up to date / latest version of Drupal.

I was also wondering if it's better to learn to install all relevant modules and set up my own version of things rather than use a distribution? Does using distributions have a potentially negative effect when it comes to updates? The interedependancy of modules and the way that distributions are set up as profiles?

As you can tell, I'm on a steep learning curve with this!

All the best

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I've managed to find the problem and fix the italics issue in the admin area.

So please disregard these questions.

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Your themes can also go in sites/all/themes, or even in sites/::mysite::/themes if you're multihosting and only want the theme available to one site.
As for the Color wheel - I believe you need to turn on the Color module, which is in core, but perhaps not enabled by default.

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Thanks for your response.

You're absolutely right about the colour module and I have also now moved the theme back to where it should be - after realising that it was simply a matter of blocks and modules settings!

Sorry for the newbie type questions / issues and many thanks again for your assistance.