i am new to drupal and although i have managed to proceed a lot with my site using some very good modules such as webform, form builder, views etc now i am stuck with jquery.

I managed to build a calculated field for a webform by placing a file "webform-form-[node].tpl.php" under my theme folder and this file places a call to a jquery script.

Everything works fine till that point.
However, i have also created a menu link, which takes me to a view (uses the module "views") and displays all the submissions for that webform. There's a "edit" button which allows the user to edit that webform submitted fields. The problem is that on that "edit webform" page, the calculated field won't work - the jquery does not work.

Do i have to modify the files placed under the theme folder so that the calculated field works when editing the submitted webforms as well?



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You probably did something wrong in your code, but since you didn't show it to us, it's pretty hard to tell you what's wrong.

A stab in the dark is that you included jQuery, which you don't need to do since core already includes jQuery. Including it two times will cause it to fail.

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Hi Jaypan,

thanks for the reply!

The file "webform-form-36.tpl.php" (the node for the webform is 36)
contains a call :

drupal_add_js(path_to_theme() .'/js/myScript.js');

and inside that js file, it's actually a pretty simple code like :

		jQuery('#edit-submitted-net-price').val(jQuery('#edit-submitted-list-price').val() * 0.5);

the problem is that, although the computed fields works smoothly in the original webform,
when i click the edit submission button (which is located under the view created for the submissions of this webform) the computed field no longer populates in case i change the list price.

In case you need any more information let me know please.

Thanks again,

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Alright, it's good you are not including jQuery. Your code as it is looks fine. But I'm guessing the computed field script has a function that needs calling once you've updated the price. You'll have to go through that script to see if you can find out which function it is.

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ok, i got it, however i believe i'm doing something wrong with the files that are called when editing the submission.

To be more specific, the file "webform-form-36.tpl.php" is called properly when i click the menu link to submit the webform for the first time (link is "[mysite]/node/36")
But when i click the link to edit an already submitted webform (link is "[mysite]/node/36/submission/20/edit") the file "webform-form-36.tpl.php" is not called at all, hence the js script that i wrote will not work then.

Any ideas?

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ok, i found it...was pretty simple,

the administration theme was set to seven, instead of garland which i was using.

I reset it to "default" and now the jquery code works smooth when i edit the submissions.

Just sharing it in case it helps anyone in the future!