I am working almost 4 hours on the following problem, and can't solve it (Drupal 7).

I tried to build a new simple page in the page manager as I did few times before. I entered a simple path as /xxxx Then, after I saved the page, and tried to load it, I got the following error message:

The requested page "/xxxx" could not be found

Can somebody help me figure out why I can't create new page?

In addition, when I tried to disabled the page on the page manager, I got the following error:

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in template_preprocess_page_manager_edit_page() (line 42 of D:\MYSITE\sites\all\modules\ctools\page_manager\theme\page_manager.theme.inc

Does someone knows what is the problem, and how can I fix it?



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I hope that link helps you. I just saw your question and had the same problem previously.

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My mod_rewrite and .htaccess file work properly..

I tried more things, but nothing helped:
I deactivated page manager module. uninstalled it. Cleared the Cache. Installed again page manager (updated version). Then, I tried to create new page, and succeed.

But, all the pages I created before deleted because I have uninstalled the page manager module. So, I restored my mysql database. Then, all the pages I created before were back and work properly.

However, I still can NOT create new page (after I restored all my work until now)!

Can someone please help me figure what is this strange problem?

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The cause of the problem was that I had a view (in views) and a page (in page manager) that BOTH of them had the same path (e.g. "/xxx"). That cause the problem, although the error were not cause problem for previous pages, only for new pages in page manager.