Hi, I'm very new to Drupal and struggling with it all at the moment.
I'm trying to add the 'Colorbox' module to my site but it won't let me enable it because libraries are missing.
I've read a few similar articles on google but all the help given is beyond me and no amount of juggling of the files and the files within the files(!) seem to work.


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Look at
to find answers to your questions.

Good luck!


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the colorbox.module requires a third party library built with jquery. That library is not distributed on drupal.org. The link to the library is located on the project page for the module in question. The library cannot be uploaded through the durpal admin ui. You must use FTP to upload it to sites/all/libraries. If you don't have the libraries folder you create it on the server.

Also ensure that you have the libraries.module as mentioned on the colorbox project page.

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one other thought... if you're seeing 'Libraries (missing)' on the modules page, it means you also need the libraries module in addition to the jquery plugin.

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You need to create the folder "libraries" in yoursite.com/sites/all/. After to install "libraries" module, to use this folder. Then you have color box, set up correctly.