I'm attempting to use openlayers to display a building floor plan.

I used the drupal zoomify module to create a tile set and created the map using an xyz layer.

Everything works reasonably well except one side of the map appears stretched/distorted. See image1.png for distorted version, image2.png for the undistorted.

Any suggestions to fix the image stretching? I've tried changing the image resolution but the larger it is the more distorted it appears. Only the base level (without zoom) appears normal. The error logs do state that some tiles are missing i.e. page not found: misc/building_map/building_map5/5-9-8.jpg. But I'm not clear why it's looking for these non-existent tiles.

I used Projection EPSG:900913 and OpenLayers version 2.12.

Thanks a lot in advance for any insight,


image2.png160.5 KBgreg2010
image1.png230.74 KBgreg2010
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