I'm not quite sure whether this is the right place to pose this question, but here we go:

I have multiple exposed views that query fields of referenced entities (profile2). All works fine, except that I am not able to sort them by the arguments of the exposed input.

As an example:
Exposed filter 1 (colour):
Exposed filter 2 (length):
2 inches

Entities (Rainbows):

Rainbow 1:
blue, 3 inches

Rainbow 2:
blue, 2 inches

Both should show, though sorted by most matches (result<=>exposed_input).

I have one argument as dependency (field_colour is referencing the entity), the others should “merely” sort the results.
I have tried to make a custom Views PHP field, but so far failed (Not really a coder).
Maybe I have to create another view and work with variables, though firstly I have no idea how to do that and secondly it seems bad for performance and stability.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.