using tvi module I've made a view for taxonomy
of cities i.e New York, Paris, London

Instead of just having "City" as a title in
the taxonomy view.

I would like the taxonomy name of the
city that is being viewed.
If the taxonomy list of events in Paris.

i.e"City Paris"

How do I this please?

Many Thanks


charlie charles’s picture

I managed to work out how to do this
by putting in the title

City [field_city] (or any your field name will work)

The problem I have now is to hide or to have a different name for the city list.
Before someone selects the exposed filter for specific city

I have list with lots different cities 1st i.e London, Paris, New York
and views is displaying any of the city names at random for whole list of cities

i.e all list of citys
with the term Paris

Many Thanks for your help