I have just uploaded my site to the live environment.

It is working OK but if I try to access the admin area or login to the site I get an internal server error.

I have only edited setting.php and sites.php

Thank you


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Check first for php_flag and php_values in the .htaccess with some web service configuration this will give you ISE 500 but most probably on all the pages not only the admin. However it is good to make sure this is not causing the issue.

You may want to check if the server supports mod_rewrite if the web service is Apache. Also check your files/folders and ensure the ownership is correct along with the permissions. As an example if su_php is enabled you will not be able to execute files with permissions higher than 755.

The easiest way to do that is check with your host first:

-- mod_rewrite is enabled
-- The server php configuration
-- The owner of the files under the root folder of your website is the correct user.

After this checked you may proceed with the permissions check.

There should be error log for your domain check it if none of the above is causing the issue post the error generated when you login here.

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I think there maybe a problem with this. The host says:

Whenever using mod_rewrite and/or the rewrite engine, it MAY not function properly on standard shared hosting and/or managed servers without the following line added before it in the .htaccess file:

Options -MultiViews

I tried adding this at the end of the htaccess and before RewriteEngine on but still get Internal Server error

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You can also check the rest of the instructions provided above. Make sure that none of them is causing the related Internal Server Error and if this is all confirmed, it is best to review the error_log for your domain and paste it here as it will provide more detailed information on what is causing the issue.

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I getting the same error, this error fixed when i uninstall the theme and reinstall the theme i want to use.
Apparence > uninstall theme where error 500 on page /user/login match
Apparence > install theme this fix the error i can access to the page /user/login
settings > (dev) performing > clear all caches