I'm trying to remove the Password Suggestions from the user registration form -- you know those annoying tips that appear when the user starts to type a new password:

To make your password stronger:

    Make it at least 6 characters
    Add lowercase letters
    Add uppercase letters
    Add numbers
    Add punctuation

the problem is that simply putting .password-suggestions{ display:none; } will not remove it because the because someonemust have hard coded display: block; because in firebug it appears as style="display: block;"

Is there away to unset it through theme's template.php? Can someone suggest a code please?


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That's annoying. Yes, you can probably do some minor surgery and remove it entirely, but the easiest thing would be to use display: none !important; in your CSS.

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Add this code to a custom module to remove the password strength and suggestions boxes.

* Implements hook_element_info_alter().
function yourmodule_element_info_alter(&$types) {
  if (isset($types['password_confirm']['#process']) && (($position = array_search('user_form_process_password_confirm', $types['password_confirm']['#process'])) !== FALSE)) {
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I've tested your snippet but it didn't seem to work with the login toboggan module.

I went with the quick "display: none !important" fix for now.