I just freshly installed views 7.x-3.7 and get this error, (https://drupal.org/node/1881576) too, I cannot flush the caches properly and do not get the views in the admin-menu, i.e. I cannot actually add any views.
This is with ctools 7.x-1.3

However when I tried to activate some additional ctools submodules (Custom content panes, Page manager and stylizer) because I though that it might be to a hidden dependency of some of these and it threw the similar error:
Fatal error: Class 'ctools_export_ui' not foundsites/all/modules/ctools/ctools/ctools_custom_content/plugins/export_ui/ctools_custom_content_ui.class.php on line 3

interestingly this error does not appear every time that I call the flush caches. just sometimes, I cannot see why. There are some other threads that deal with this error message, but none of the fixes seems to work for me.
Additional modules are here: http://pastebin.com/bZ55dFSj or in the attached file