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Last updated: September 29, 2013 - 16:42

Release notes

#1976008: Proper capitalization in the project name. by klonos, Spleshka, kalabro: Renamed "Path breadcrumbs" to "Path Breadcrumbs".
by kalabro: Converted ":parent:" token from list to single item in UI autocomplete.
#2089979: Undefined property: stdClass::$arguments by maximpodorov, kalabro: Fixed multiple PHP "Undefined property" Notices.
#2095631: path breadcrumbs cache doesn't work with translation. by oskar_calvo, kalabro: Fixed path breadcrumbs cache doesn't work with translation.
#1954868: %site context doesn't work by kalabro | abautu, rosberg: Reimplemented and fixed %site context.
by kalabro: Added new access plugins: "Taxonomy: term has children" and "Taxonomy: term depth".

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