I installed views slideshow and creatre a slide, in the preview it works perfectly but in the publicated page the image not rotating.

I change my theme to bartik, and there the slide rotate and works finde. What is wrong in my theme? is there some code that has conflicts wirh slideshow? There is some code that I must to add?



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Have a look in the console tab in Firebug or Chrome's Devtools - any errors there? You may have a Javascript conflict going on.

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There is an error on firebug console, it says only one slide, but there are three. In localhost shows the three images, but there is a time before it starts.

The content is published, I don't know what is the problem. The url is


and the error;

SyntaxError: syntax error

json2.js?mtwdf8 (línea 4)
[cycle] terminating; too few slides: 1
jquery...?mtwdf8 (línea 22)

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There are two more errors

TypeError: Drupal.settings.viewsSlideshow[options.slideshowID] is undefined

Drupal.settings.viewsSlideshow[options.slideshowID].paused = 1;

views_...?mtwdf8 (línea 400)
TypeError: Drupal.settings.viewsSlideshow[options.slideshowID] is undefined

...!Drupal.settings.viewsSlideshow[options.slideshowID].pausedForce || options.forc...