Bountry for 7x Location Proximity search autocomplete in exposed filter.
Functional requirements:
1) location/distance field in exposed proximity search must have an autocomplete
2) location City field (inside node/add form) must also have autocomplete (it has been successfully tried in 6x
3) The label "Area, Town or Postcode" should be inside the field and disappear onclick.
4) end-users can currently enter either City or Postcode, but (optionally) it would be nice if they could also enter the Area within the City, Province names etc.
5) Must work for Belgium (and desirably also France) - the postcode database is already inside the Location module!
6) Must work for a multilingual site (whether the end-user enters Brussels, Bruxelles or Brussel, the system should recognise that it is the same location, and show it in autocomplete).
7) By default, the system should try to detect visitor's location and prefill the proximity filter with that location.
8) The solution must be clean. A separate module, so that when Location module is updated, the autocomplete functionality is not lost.

Please contact me via my contact form and give me a quote and examples of work if you have already done this for other clients.