I am new to Drupal and I hope someone can tell me which framework is the most compatible with Drupal? What are the most commonly used frameworks that are compatible with Drupal and are not too expensive and easily configurable?


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in what context do you mean "framework". In many circles drupal is seen as it's own framework up to and including Drupal 7. It's not until Drupal 8 (not released yet) that it and symfony are integrated.

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To add VM's response, Drupal is the backend framework. Drupal also provides jQuery and a JavaScript API on the front-end. Third party modules can also add third-party libraries.

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If you are referring to front-end frameworks (ie, CSS and HTML for theming), Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation are widely used frameworks in that context. Both could easily be leveraged to build a theme. In addition, many Drupal "starter" themes, like Zen and Omega, come with what amounts to their own frameworks for developing a responsive theme.

If you are talking about JavaScript frameworks, Drupal 7 comes with jQuery, so your best bet is to use it for your theming/development. Hope this helps.