I'm trying to duplicate my live site www.PalaDolphin.com to a test site on the sub-domain alpha.PalaDolphin.com, but keep getting errors. You can see the errors by visiting the alpha site.

The error reported in the title is, "403 Forbidden", but the page also reports, "Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."

In settings.php (under alpha only) I've uncommented and played around with the following line:
$base_url = 'http://alpha.paladolphin.com';

I'm currently using the same database, but will create a duplicate once I solve simply bring up the alpha site.

I have created the sub-domain alpha.paladolphin.com and pointed it toward /public_html/alpha. The www.paladolphin.com resides in /public_html.

I've created a unique filename http://alpha.paladolphin.com/imgs/SpringSnow_f.jpg that doesn't exist any where else but under the alpha folder to prove that the new sub-domain works.

I've also searched the Drupal knowledge base for a similar problem, but they all are way more complicated than this baby step I'm trying to achieve.

The sole purpose of this alpha. website is to allow the www. to work live while I experiment with future configuration on the alpha. site. Once I get a configuration working on alpha., I'll migrate it to www. and continue experimenting with alpha.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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I think I'd have generated a multisite for this under sites/alpha.yourdomain.com
then pointed the subdomain to the public root.

otherwise your issue may be that the root .htaccess isn't allowing access to the subfolder which is included in the drupal root.

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I want these two Drupal installation to be completely separated so if I do something to bring down the alpha site, it'll have no effect on the live site.

And I don't want to have to do a fresh install each time.

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After the last comment, I started to think this has something to do with the .htaccess file, which I'm completely unfamiliar with.

Here's some important information: there is an .htaccess file at the base folder of www.paladolphin.com /public_html/. There is no .htaccess file at the base folder of alpha.paladolphin.com /public_html/alpha/, so I'm assuming that /public_html/.htaccess is effecting the alpha site. Remember, the alpha.paladolphin.com sub-domain is directed to /public_html/alpha/ by my web host.

I'm disappointed that only one user has responded to this question. I don't know if it will receive any more attention by adding comments. I'm pretty sure this is a Drupal issue, maybe not completely, but I'm running out of support options here.

I need help, please.

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http://bit.ly/19UgA7D - work with the first result and report back (preferably without the dramatization).

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Okay, now I just want to delete this post completely. I'm so embarrassed. It's my fault. Although I copied all the Drupal folders to the /alpha/ folder, I forgot to copy any of the files in the base directory, like index.php, update.php, robots.txt, etc.

Now, http://alpha.paladolphin.com works fine.