I'm using the default view taxonomy/term/% page and I've added an attachment.
The page has view-header text and attachment too, but with different text.

The attachment position it set to "Before", but the header text is not positioned before the page content.

In the screenshot you can see the class view-header from the main page taxonomy is positioned before the attachment view-header. As a result the attachment view-header is positioned after the main header.

To be more clear, lets say we have a taxonomy term page with path taxonomy/term/%.

It has a couple of fields and view header.
Now when we have an attachment, it's attached to the page and set to before, all the content from the attachments should be displayed before the page. But right now the view header text from the attachment is displaying after the view header from the page and other fields are displaying correctly (the fields from the attachment are displaying bellow the page).

I want to display an attachment with all the details before the page including the view header.

Is this a bug in view and is there any solution for this?

attach-view-header.png37.72 KBsatvision83


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Does anybody else has this problem?

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I don't really know about your problem but have you tried to modify the views template?

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Can you help me how to modify the views template?

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When you are on your view page, click on advanced on the top right. New options will become visible and on of these is "Theme", the last one on the bottom. This is where you can see your view templates and how to call your files to override the view templates.
Now to modify your view templates, some people already explained stuff way better than I could ever, so here are the links:

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Thank you very much.

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