Everybody has their places. Places where they can relax and be themselves, places that are free of judgement from others. For me, this website is my place - my sanctuary.

a sacred or holy place.

The Andy Sanc'tree (Andy's Sanctuary) started out as a personal project for me to learn more about website designing, building and hosting, and it eventually grew into a site where I could write about, well, whatever I wanted! This was in the days before Facebook and Twitter, before the word "blog" was invented, when MySpace and LiveJournal were just beginning to gain in popularity.

Originally created using MODX Evolution, the latest version was built using Drupal 7, once I got over the learning curve and the easy life MODX had given me.

Please check out my site at: www.andys.eu


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Love the theme-- crisp, clean, and yet still colorful and attractive. well done!