Hi -
Total CMS newbie - but I keep trying.

I'm running Mac OS X 10.7.5. on a MacBookPro.

I just downloaded and installed Acquia Desktop Control Panel.
I'm using it to import the latest version of Drupal but I get the error msg shown above.
I don't know what to do. (the tutorial said this would be simple).

During the import site process on the ADCP I selected "Create a new database", gave the "New DB name" drupal2, and used drupal2 for the "Server:" under Domain.

I've searched this forum and found old posts that were similar but, honestly, I'm not confident that they applied to my setup/situation (and I don't want to break anything).

Thanks in advance for your input.



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I followed the exact same steps EXCEPT for this -
instead of unZipping the downloaded Drupal7.23 file on the Desktop I dragged that ZIP file into the Sites folder (the same one as before) and double-clicked to unZip it there.

From there I proceeded with the Aqcuia Desktop Control Panel in the same way as before. (Of course I used the name of that new Drupal folder for Server and New DB Name.)

That's it! Unzip the Drupal download in it's final location. Don't unzip it on the Desktop and drag it to its final home. How arcane is THAT? I don't know WHAT possible difference that could have made. Mystifying secret sauce.

I hope this works for everyone else who has this issue.