I have created a group that is invite only but cannot find where I can make this group a closed group so the content from that group is not shared with others on the commons 3.3 site.
Can anybody help?


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Under "Modules" search for "Organic groups access control" - and make sure that module is enabled.

That module will change your group privacy settings. It will make the groups set to "Invite-only" hidden from the public listing. And any NEW content will be hidden from view. This means any existing content would still be available until it is edited and saved again.

Just in case you're curious - I did 2 webinars recently about Commons configuration. I'll be doing 2 more in-depth ones this wednesday and next! Oct 2nd and 9th.

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This did not resolve my issue.
The module is and has been enabled. Below I will describe the issue in more detail.

My goal is to have a single Commons site and that the groups I create do not share content.
In these test images I have included 2 groups (created as private groups), and users from those groups named generically.
I have included 3 images.

In image FTO01 you will see an unauthenticated view of the pretty vanilla site.
In FTO02 you will see the landing page for an authenticated user in a group called "Brazil" and it shows content from another group called "Integris".
In FTO03 you will see the reverse. It is the landing page for an authenticated user in a group called "Integris" but we see content from the "Brazil" group.
In FTO04 you will see the desired behavior, but to get it we must click the tab and we desire it to be the default landing page for users of a given group.
-Specifically when clicking on the group name in the tab, the group is exposed only to its own private content and not that of other groups.

In each case we don't want the 'other' group's content to be seen upon sign in by an authenticated user.

We can force this desired behavior by clicking on the group name in the tab, but we want that behavior to happen upon sign in for a given user.

One last thing is that when we click the logo ( I have pixelated it so you can use the slides if they are of use to the presentation) we are taken to the home page displaying again all the groups collective content.
Can we direct the link associated with the logo to a page of our choosing?

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