I've been asked to do some maintenance on a Drupal 7.x based website and I'm trying understand how to improve the appearance of URLs. The website in question has a blog which is found at a URL ending in /blog and it shows a series posts. When you click on one of the posts, the URL changes to /node/1234 (or some other meaningless to humans URL). I've been asked to fix this so that it works more like a wordpress site where the URL of an individual post would make sense to a casual user - something like /blog/title-of-blog-post

I looked at the "clean URLs" option but this was already turned on.

I looked at a section called "filter aliases" but it only provides the option of creating an alias for one node at a time, so I'd have to manually create a new alias for each new blog post, which won't work.

I gather there are two distinct problems to be solved:

1) how do I make any node that is of type "blog" appear at a URL beginning with the string "/blog"?
2) how do I replace the node number in the URL with node's title string?

Any suggestions?


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path auto module

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Thanks, pathauto did exactly what I needed!