Following the last core update the External Links module is no longer working on my website.

Here's what has been done to troubleshoot thus far:

  • Standard checks: clear cache, cron, check for updates, etc.
  • Check input/text formats to see if that's related. Nope.
  • Attempt to disable/re-enabled module. Doesn't help.
  • Attempt to disable and then uninstall module. Fatal PHP error: PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function cache() in /home/clients/websites/w_122012/public_html/122012/sites/all/modules/extlink/extlink.install on line 16
  • Check for hacked/altered code with Hacked! module to figure out why we can't uninstall. Everything is ok (no important changes to code).
  • "call to undefined function cache()" seems accurate. There is no "cache()" function of which I'm aware. Commenting out line 16 of sites/all/modules/extlink/extlink.install to test. Now able to successfully uninstall.
  • Removing module completely and replacing with clean version to be sure before reinstalling.
  • Nothing.
  • Ok, back to the basics. Is the JS for that module being loaded? Yes, found it in one of the compiled JS files. 
  • About out of quick are suggested next steps:

Hoping to get some more eyes on this and hopefully figure out how to fix this. Appreciate any help!

Thanks much!

p.s. This is my first bug report. Hope this was the right place to report this. Thanks.


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Hi Groundswell,

Thanks for the report. Could you please try the dev version and let me know if the issues you are experiencing have been fixed?

If so I will work towards getting a new version out for both 6.x and 7.x in the next couple of days for you.


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Thanks elachlan. That did resolve the problems. When the update come out of dev will I need to do an unistall and a reinstall then of the module? Not sure about development modules.

Thank you!

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You shouldn't need to uninstall. Either way it shouldn't matter, but you will need to clear your cache.

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Version: 7.x-1.13 » 7.x-1.x-dev

I can also confirm this. The external links icons are not working with both 1.x dev and 1.13 module updates. However, strangely the email icons are.

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Are you getting any javascript errors?

This works fine on my development site. I need steps to reproduce.

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We do not see any javascript errors. What else might be helpful to look for?

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Okay, we got it. It looks like the instructions changed for the External Links configuration, then when I went in and tried to update one excluded link, it gave a Invalid request error. Where we used to have the full address of excluded links and it worked without escaping with backslashes before, we now must escape all symbols with \.

All good now.

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