Hi every one i want to ask if any one here built a portal website for school
i tried the module school_administration-7.x-1.7.. it's a nice module but there are a lot of errors appear and i can't understand how it works.
please help me how can i build this web site that contain :
4- supervisor
5-marks for each students
6 messages between them


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The likelihood of getting an answer is pretty slim - telling someone how to build a site through a forum thread is almost impossible. The people who have learned how to build sites in Drupal usually spend some time learning how to use Drupal generically (or in other words, just learning how to use it without any site in mind), then after they have some basic skills they start putting together a site. As you start to build, you can google tutorials for the individual features you need to add, and get most of your assistance that way.

You can get started by reading some books on Drupal, and checking out the site building guide: https://drupal.org/documentation/build

Forums are best for answering specific questions. So if you are having troubles getting a field to render in the correct location, or if you have a specific bug, then a forum is a great place to get help. But forums are not that great for 'teach me how to use this software' type questions, as it is more than most people can be reasonably expected to reply in a single thread.

I'm telling you this so you will understand if/when no one else replies to the thread. Of course, I could be totally wrong, and someone may come along and give you a nice detailed answer! Good luck either way.

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thanx for ur reply . i understand what u say ... i have the basics to deal with drupal i know a lot of modules and i can managing the field's , some experience to deal with views

i know that drupal isn't easy but its flexible that mean i can't learn without practice but i dont know why i can't build full website with drupal

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Ok, so you have the basics, that's good.

Maybe try starting a new thread, but instead of 'how do I build this site', pick a single piece of functionality, and ask about that. For example: "I want to create 'classes' and I want to link users to these classes. Can anyone suggest how they would go about this?"

As you can see, it's a much smaller question, and focuses on a single issue. You will be much more likely to get help with questions like this.

Good luck!

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yes you are right :D

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I would look at the drupal distributions, e.g. at OpenAcaDept or Julio or similar.

I never used these distributions, but they may help you to know, how you want to use drupal.

Good luck!