For a client's site I was originally using just their square logo in the logo section, but it left most of the top section quite bare. So I created a logo banner with the logo and some accompanying imagery to help fill out the entire top space. After I added the logo banner in place of the original square logo I noticed that it did not reach all the way across link it should.

Then I remembered seeing a block up when viewing the "block region demonstration" previously. So I looked again and on the top right side is the "search area" block. My guess is that this block is not allow the logo banner to reach all the way across the top. I tried erasing the entire /*
* Search
*/ section in the style.css file, but that did not do anything. Is there anyway to get rid of that "search area" block and have the logo stretch across the entire top region?


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... im interested in the same topic.
Any solutions found?


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Did either of you have any luck with this?? I don't believe deleting the css classes will have any effect by itself, but I tried deleting the following from page.tpl.php (lines 25-30):

<!-- #header-inside-right -->    
        <div id="header-inside-right" class="grid_4">

			<?php print render($page['search_area']); ?>

        </div><!-- EOF: #header-inside-right -->

Then I added this to my custom section of style.css:

.header img {
    width: 100%;

...and it didn't work :-(

So if you or anyone else has any suggestions it would be much appreciated.

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To do this, please follow below steps :

1 - Remove following code from page.tpl.php

<!-- #header-inside-right -->    
        <div id="header-inside-right" class="grid_4">

                        <?php print render($page['search_area']); ?>

        </div><!-- EOF: #header-inside-right -->

2 - Replace <div id="header-inside-left" class="grid_8"> with <div id="header-inside-left" class="grid_12">

3 - Clear cache

Let me know incase of any query/concern.