I have set up organic groups with pathauto (Successfully) [node:field_organization_zip_code]/[node:title] mysite.com/55555/my_group

Now I am trying to reference that Node alias for "Group content" ?????/[node:og-group-ref]/[node:title]

How do I fit in the field from the referenced group? mysite.com/55555/my_group/my_page


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This worked for me. [node:og-group-ref:0:field-organization-zip-code]/[node:og-group-ref]/[node:title]

I hope this saves someone else from 6+ hrs of frustration. I could not find any good documentation on using Tokens, Entity Reference field, Organic Groups Tokens, or Pathauto to get this to work.

Maybe someone here could share how to find out more information???

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