I am sure this is a fairly simple task but I cannot find documentation. If you can point me to the right place then that should do. :-)

I have a content type that I want one role to be able to fill in most of the fields but some that they cannot see. Another role will finish these off. I thought that I would have one form for role A and another for Role B. But I can't work out (new to Drupal) how to do this. Webforms creates it's own data table and I can't find another module. Workarounds would work in this instance but late I will be creating an inventory database where they won't be suitable.

Any ideas



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Here's what I'd do:
- create a content type, with all the fields you want. (optional - group the ones that are filled in by admins, using fieldgroup module https://drupal.org/project/field_group).
- set perms so that your users can create a new instance of that content type
- set up field permissions (https://drupal.org/project/field_permissions) such that your ordinary users can't see or edit the "special" fields, but your admins can.

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works a treat