I want to add a second content glider to a new page, but I do not see where I can assign this?

I have set up the content type to be a new_rotator_article, but when I go to select the rotator location, it only gives me 2 options.

Where can I set up the glider on another page?

Thank you!


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if it's a totally different glider, you set up a secondary content type and then set it in a second block.

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Thank you,

I set up a secondary content type (but it is the same as used for content glider 1, which is news_rotator_article)

I added a new block (but put it in the same block section under "content bottom".

So, when I go to add a new "news rotator article" and try to select the "News Rotator Locations", it only gives me options to add it to the Front Page and HR Rotator.

I want to add a location so that it can be assigned to a different page. Where do I set this up?

Thanks again!

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from the project page of the project in question:

Go to Administer - Site Configuration- Content Glider
On "Content type for Glider 1" enter the content-type you want to use. Tips: you better create a special content-type for CG, e.g.: create new content-type, called as: headline (used for display your website headlines)
Repeat above step for Content Glider block 2 and 3 (if you don't want to use block 2 and 3 then just leave them blank)
Goto Administer-Site Building-Blocks: select the Content Glider Block 1-3 to your target region (left, right, header, etc)

Thus to set a block on a specific page you use the block visibility in the block configuration. The same as you would for any other block.

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Ok - I have set all of this up and put in the page I want to see it on in the visibility section.

But still when I go to create content (using the same content type I assigned to the content glider which is news_article-rotator) it does not list the page I added within the drop-down for "New Rotator Location".

I am trying to select the news rotator location for the new content, and I don't know how to add this specific page to this drop-down menu.

Thank you :)

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Hi again,

I have made sure that the new content glider is set up exactly how the one that works is set up, but to apply to the new page.

The content type is all set to go, including taxonomy info, etc.

However, it still will not display on the page specified in the content glider block visibility settings.

The page in question has the URL of http://www.montereycoe.org/ed-services, so in the block settings, I assigned the page to show for this:

So when I go to add new content (using the content type I created for this glider), and specify it's taxonomy/location page, it still will not display on the page listed above.

Is there a step I am missing to get the glider to appear on the page I need?

Thank you!

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what exactly did you add to the visibility box?

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Oh sorry about that! what I inputted deleted from the note because I am using < > symbols

I selected "Show on only the listed pages."

and inputted this code:
"< ed-services > "

*but without any spaces...

And the glider block was placed in the region "content-bottom"

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you are misunderstanding the directions under the visibility box. you don't use brackets for anything other than front. just use ed-services

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Ok thanks - I thought I tried that but it must have been when I didn't have the content type set up with the proper taxonomy before.

It finally works. Thanks so much for your assistance!!

Take care,

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Hi - I have one more question:

I am creating a new content glider for a new page. I have set up everything for the following sections and for some reason the content glider content will not display on the page.

- Content Glider 3 name: coaches_news_rotator_aricle

- Content type created:
Name: Coaches Rotator Article
Type: coaches_news_rotator_article

- Taxonomy: added the term "Coaches Rotator Article" to the already created vocabulary "News Rotator Locations".
Also selected the new term as one of the content types for the vocabulary.

- Views: Cloned the view node of a similar rotator article and renamed it to "coaches_news_rotator_view" and made sure the filter section had the correct Taxonomy term/term ID for the "Coaches page"

- Blocks: enabled the content glider 3 and moved it up to the position desired.
Configured it and selected, "show on only the listed pages"
In the Page box I have tried a combination of the following drupal paths for the page "http://www.montereycoe.org/ed-services/coachesnetwork"


- Created content for "Coaches Rotator Article" and selected "Coaches Page" as the News rotator location.

What step am I missing?

Thanks for you help :)