From what I can tell the UI version of recreate feature in uses some checks after features_populate returns to make sure features_exclude is respected. The drush version (drush fd and drush fu) do not perform these checks, so anything added by the drupal_alter('features_export' ...) call in features_populate will remain.

This can be tested easily with the field_group module as its features_export_alter will add the parent field group for any field contained in the module, or with UUID by exporting a taxonomy term (the vocabulary will be added to the module even if it is in features_exclude for the module).

I feel like the check should be done in features_populate after features_exclude_alter gets called, that way the behavior would be consistant for all the functions that call it, like the different places in and features_detect_overrides . As it is it seems like anything added by a module's features_exclude should get left out in this function, but the ones added by features_exclude_alter won't be, and I'm not sure that makes sense.

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The patch adds the checks I think should be there. It seems to fix the problems I have with drush fd and drush fu without messing up the behavior of the UI.

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Well, drush fd still seems to say the items will be added, but fu doesn't add them, which is the important part. It would be better if they were consistant though.

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+++ b/
@@ -23,9 +23,21 @@ function features_populate($info, $module_name) {
+    if (isset($export['features_exclude']['dependencies']) &&

The if (isse(export[features_exclude']['dpeendencies'] should proceed the foreach as no reason to foreach if not set (same with both areas)

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Good day, guys

I had the same issue. I have to use drush only, because the idea of my project is in building up a site with different configurations using cli, so I'm using drush site install and managing all features via drush.
Thanks a lot, jmuzz, your solution fixed this problem. Additionally, I have made the second version of patch according to hefox advice. Hope, this problem will be fixed in next version of feature module.

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Status: Needs review » Needs work

Shouldn't this patch also remove the duplicate code from

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Hi all, just ran into this issue.
Here is a new patch, with the suggested code removed and conditions cleaned up.

The in_array() needle could not be used, since it didn't exist yet. Looping though the feature_exclude's simplifies things and eliminates the need for this validation.

Have a good day.