My site works fine in all browser other than IE8 and below. It appears that the CSS files are not being loaded properly, my custom set styles of my subtheme are not being loaded. i tried using the "aggregated" mode but this makes no difference whatsoever. Please help.


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Same issue here. What I did was disable "Aggregate and compress CSS" in performance. After that I8 worked.

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This is a duplicate of: https://drupal.org/node/2058113

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Closed the other #2098467: CSS not loading properly in IE8 and below as a duplicate instead, reopening this as it came first.

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I tried moving all stylesheets in the same folder to no avail. Still not rendering the page correctly in IE8.

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I am having a similar issue on http://nc-sara.org. This is a responsive zen sub-theme (using responsive.scss/.css in the layout subfolder)

1. Aggregate and compress CSS files is checked on.

2. firesass set to false in config.rb

3. Cleared site cache multiple times

4. html5.js; html5-respond.js and respond.js are all in sites/all/zen/js

It almost looks like IE8 is trying to apply tablet and phone media query based css to the desktop version of the site despite item 4.

I am using the latest version of IE Tester to view IE8 version of the site.

Any help/suggestions greatly appreciated!

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Strangely enough my site looks better today -- still some font size problems in the Nice Menu, and the adaptive image (Picture) module does not seem to be working properly -- but better . . .

I am guessing that Aggregating the CSS files did the trick, but, (despite my efforts to clear server and browser cache,) some time was needed before the cache completely cleared.

On another note, how important is IE8 support now that IE11 has been released?

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