First, I want to thank all the contributors and maintainers to this module as it is awesome and very useful.

I'm wondering about possibilities for adding an option to provide an alternate presentation of log messages generated by IMCE that would make the log messages more immediately visible to the user.

For example, if a user tries to delete a file that is attached to a node, the log message generated is "coverletters.pdf is in use by another application." but it is set in the help dialog and our users simply do not think to open the help dialog to look for a message when an operation fails.

As you can see in the screenshot for IMCE on the module page, notification/log messages previously would be displayed in a div hovering over the file browser.

IMCE Screenshot

Is it possible to make it a configuration option such that the Drupal admin can decide if they want log messages to appear in the help section, or in the div hovering over the file browser?

I'd be willing to take this on if others thing it would be useful to have this as an option.



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I would definitely use this setting. An AJAX error is appearing and disappearing on top of my file browser before I can read it. I had no idea the message was also displayed in the help dialog. Thanks for offering to work on this if enough interest is generated!