I am using Inline Entity Form for a non-drupal commerce application.

All is working fine, except when a referenced entity is added, the field groups of the referenced entity are not respected. I would like to add some tabs to my inline entity form. I set them up in the Manage Fields section of the content type being referenced.



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Title:Field Groups are not respected by Inline Entity Form» Inline Entity Form integration
Project:Inline Entity Form» Field Group
Version:7.x-1.3» 7.x-1.x-dev
Category:Bug report» Feature request
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I'm not sure it's possible or feasible for field_group to work with inline entity form.
Let's ask the field_group team if that's something that field_group should be able to do.
(I see in the code that it's using hook_field_attach_form but maybe it's not respecting #parents everywhere).

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Is there any update? I tried to get the prerender hook working, but it only shows my groups from the node entity. The custom entities are not loaded.