I created a form for data entry that contains a drop down list from which users choose one of 10 values. Now a client wants to add an 11th value to be selectable but I get:

"There is data for this field in the database. The field settings can no longer be changed."

Is there a preferred way for creating these lists in the future so that

1. They come from a database lookup rather than someone typing in a list of values
2. Entries can be added as needed?



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Create a taxonomy with the list items as terms.
Create a Taxonomy Reference field in your content type, and set it to use the Taxonomy you just created. The field widget will populate with whatever terms are in the taxonomy at runtime, so if you add a new one it will show up automagically.
Not sure what happens if you delete a term, but in any case this works better than static select lists.

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The option provided by "Sam Moore" is good and flexible for layman to add new options in field.

But there will not be any data loss if you add one more option in you list field. By default fields of type list allow site admin to add new options when ever they want, it will not allow you to remove the options which are in use.


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Thanks for the replies all. Appreciate it.