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If you check that out, you will see, that the page is being displayed, but if you click on one of the links, or try to log in via drupal/user, there is a blank page. I exported the Database from localhost and imported it on my 1and1 server. Anyone has an idea why the first page is being displayed, but nothing else works?

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Your host is not properly configured. At a minimum, it's not reading and obeying the directives in .htaccess (which may not even be present). There could be any number of other issues. Drupal functions by handling 404 errors -- basically it serves resources that do not physically exist. Your server doesn't understand that.

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Wait a second. What can I do now? I don't quite understand the thing's your saying :-D. It's working all fine on my localhost, I changed the host in the "settings.php" under sites/default and imported the database to the one on my 1and1 page.

What do I have to configure now? Or where can I start to solve this?

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you can start by answering the question of whether or not your copied the .htaccess file to the server

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I didn't see a question in there.

I copied the whole folder to the server. I didn't change anything but the databse information in the settings.php.

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Shall we take that to mean that you've performed due diligence and visually verified that .htaccess is indeed on the server at the same level as index.php in your drupal installation?

Based on the path provided it looks like you are running drupal two subfolders deep? is there any reason for not running drupal in the public_root of your account on the server?

Did you at any time make any changes to .htaccess while it was running on localhost?

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Sooo, first: Yes, right in /drupal there is a htaccess and an index.php.

2. Yes there is a reason, my Mom just wanted to change the galleries of her page, and because I build the first 2 pages only on pure html and CSS I didn't want to mix that up with drupal... But that shouldnt make any problems would it?

And to the last question: No I never changed the htaccess...

Thanks for the help !

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But that shouldnt make any problems would it?

While drupal can run in any folder it is far easier to work with it in the root of the account. Personally, I'd convert the HTML to drupal content where you and your mom can edit the content directly without editing HTML files.

When I use unclean urls ie: http://optimalpages.de/Mama/drupal/?q=node/2
There is an error - Juicebox Error: Config XML file not found.
As you are running drupal two subfolders deep on the domain you should investigate the rewrite base in .htaccess
see: https://drupal.org/node/156785

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But why is it possible to run it 2 folders deep on my localhost but not on the Internet? I mean where is the difference in there?

Edit: I tried to change htaccess to "RewriteBase /" , "RewriteBase /Optimalpages/Mama/Drupal" and "RewriteBase /OptimalPages/Mama" none of them worked :-/

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optimalpages isn't needed in the path. That's the account folder.

/Mama/drupal seems to me to be the two subfolders.
Also of note, make sure to remove the # in front of the line. Else it's commented out.

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YEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your THE BEST :-D! THAAAAAAAAAAANKS. Wow. I don't know if I ever figured that out :-D! WOOOOOOOOO. THANKS! Have a nice day, you made mine already :-))))