Download omega-7.x-4.0.tar.gztar.gz 396.97 KB
MD5: a0f982456bc10984a2c47b9776a626d1
SHA-1: 3b2cfd3795ba18ab18caa44b3dd3d3cee4ebb49b
SHA-256: 1da4066d0efa0234e5a2c8e1efb4342aa49d337d96347b11d0493a22e7f72c0b
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MD5: b166043c59805e957f3abfea2d586b5c
SHA-1: a24f08c5e556aa201c079dd5a3ed65d45733977a
SHA-256: af328bb1b504d105c558e479d47a820f0481016b26f37d55f797ea01aad5af38
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/omega:^4.0'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: fubhy
Created on: 24 Sep 2013 at 09:50 UTC
Last updated: 20 Nov 2013 at 11:28 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-4.0-rc1:

  • #2092955 by peteainsworth: Fixed guard and livereload gems missing from the parent theme's Gemfile.
  • Fixed minor issues with existing documentation and added documentation for variabes, abstractions and images in default starterkit.
  • Removed unneeded span-columns() mixin from off canvas layout.
  • #2089357: Create a 3 column grid panels layout.
  • #2093175 by bkildow, fubhy: Fixed Display Suite and Panels Layout Weirdness.
  • #2094165 by fubhy: Fixed Drush Omega Wizard File Rename Issue on Windows.
  • Fixing docblock for omega_library_path().
  • #2093731 by fubhy: Added Allow libraries to be placed in any valid libraries destination as done by libraries module.
  • #2094169 by peteainsworth: Fixed Naked panels layout doesn't work.
  • #2093583: Create a panels content layout based on the golden ratio.
  • Cleaned up attributes printing in Grid 2 panels layout.
  • Cleaned up Mondrian attributes printing.
  • #2093543: Create an asymmetric tiled panels layout.
  • Removing stray call to console.log().
  • Fix for off canvas JS preventing click default on naviagtion bar content.
  • Updated naked with correct preview.png.
  • Replacing incorrect array_intersect_key() with array_intersect().
  • Added no-js class to tag and related JS to remove it on load.
  • Compiling CSS.
  • Enhanced off canvas layout to make toggle click areas larger.
  • Moving the grid-2 layout into the Omega content layout category.
  • Very important commit to add a in-line comment on top of the panels layout plugin definition.
  • Adding a naked panels content layout.
  • #2091761 by fubhy | Kimitri: Fixed User scalability setting gets ignored because of strict equality operator.
  • Adding a panels-pane template and preprocess function.
  • Re-compiling CSS.
  • Fixing reference to 'extended' starterkit.
  • #2091629 by fubhy: Remove 'basic' starterkit.
  • Updated sidebar classes in simple layout.
  • Merge branch '7.x-4.x' of into 7.x-4.x
  • #2089589: Abstracted Ohm layout to make it usable accross all subthemes.
  • Fixing layout rendering preprocessing order.
  • Hotfix for layout theme asset loading.
  • Fixing theme asset loading.
  • Fixing some page/layout preprocessing issues.
  • #2090571: Create an off canvas Omega layout.
  • Fixing minor bug in omega_discovery().
  • Fixing bug in panels layout rendering.
  • Improving sidebar class handling for layouts.
  • Adding preprocess/process hook support for layouts.
  • Fixing a bug introduced by the previous commit.
  • Further improving Omega layout rendering.
  • Fixing Omega layout rendering in Panels. Now wrapping stuff in actual regions.
  • #2089657: Provide descriptions for extensions.
  • Adding warning message if LiveReload is used together with CSS aggregation.
  • Fixing @import path in no-query.scss fallback in extended starterkit.
  • Moving livereload.js to the footer.
  • Changing Guardfile to ignore *.normalize.css for livereload.
  • Fourth iteration of major pre-release code and code-style clean-up.
  • #2089383 by fubhy: Further improve and simplify Ohm's Sass structure.
  • Third iteration of major pre-release code and code-style clean-up.
  • Second iteration of major pre-release code and code-style clean-up.
  • First iteration of major pre-release code and code-style clean-up.
  • #2089353: Create a 2 column grid panels layout
  • Further decrease the weight of the warning FAPI element.
  • Change warning message Form API titles.
  • Change warning message title in theme settings for Ohm.
  • Moving panels theme function override to panels subfolder.
  • Clarifying some of the warning messages that Omega and Ohm output.
  • Moving Ohm warning message to and adding a similiar warning message for Omega.
  • Removing dependency on $variables['debug'] in region.tpl.php.
  • Renaming omega layout rendering theme hook suggestion.
  • Allow the Ohm warning message to be permanently hidden.
  • Removed stray grid debugging mixins from layout Sass files.
  • Use consistent preview images for all bundled layouts.
  • Fixed minor issues with layout Sass comments and file naming inconsistencies.
  • #2088971: Create the Divine Omega layout.
  • #2088029 by fubhy: Fixed Notice: Undefined index: omega in theme_update_report().


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