Name: Drupal Resque (drupal_resque)
Description: Integrates php-resque with drupal.
Link to Sandbox Project:
Intended core version: 7.x

Looking to get this in and then release a version for d6 and d8.

Drupal Resque Module
by Arturo Contreras,

This module makes use of an existing php resque implementation:

This module extends DrupalQueue to be able to use DrupalResque instead, also
being able to use DrupalResqueUnique so that jobs with the same payload key are
not queued at any point in time.

This README is for interested developers.


* Redis installed locally or use a remote server.
* PHP-Resque library version 1.3,
I recommend using Composer to install to a directory in your app.

How To Use

* In order for drupal to start using your new queue mechanism you need to set
the variable, e.g. variable_set('queue_default_class', 'DrupalResque').
You can also set the class to use for a particular queue by setting that
variable, like ('queue_class_update_fetch_tasks', 'DrupalResque').
* I recommend installing the resque gem so that you can startup
the web interface and look at queued jobs or you can also use
* In order to start a worker, you need to tell your workers where your drupal
installation is and also where composer has installed php-resque by setting
the environment variables DRUPAL_ROOT and DRUPAL_COMPOSER_ROOT.
* You also need to set an environment variable that will dictate what queue
your worker will be responsible for running so the end result of the script
I included that you can use to startup your workers:

QUEUE=update_fetch_tasks DRUPAL_ROOT=/var/www/myapp
COMPOSER_ROOT=/var/www/php-resque php bin/resque_worker_run
* If you want to start multiple workers I suggest using monit
( or god (


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