When testing the latest dev release of authcache and authcache_varnish, I've given cacheable roles the ability to see the authcache_debug block. I am logging in as one user in a browser and loading a page, then logging into a different browser as a different user and viewing the same page. The debug block always returns a cache MISS and not a HIT. When looking at the response headers, it's clear that it is a cache HIT from Varnish based on the IDs in the X-Varnish header as well as the X-Varnish-Cache header. Thanks in advance!


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While manually testing a new VCL version I discovered two possible reasons for that:

  1. Browser cache is on (disable it in the developer tools)
  2. The snipped for cookie-removal in the VCL is enabled
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Does the problem persist after a360f45?

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Please reopen if the problem persist.