Hi all,

I am currently in the process of rebuilding my website.
My main requirements include supporting responsive layout and ads.

As a result, the last few days I've been reading about ads - placement, responsive ads, different platforms including AdSense and dfp etc but the more I read, the more confused I become.

I am still unclear as to how do we support ads? Through a platform such as dfp? How are ads presented? In blocks? How do you ensure visibility in tablets and mobile?

I appreciate this questions is VERY vague and abstract but all I need at this stage is to understand the high-level concepts.

If you can please provide SOME basic knowledge such as where to start, some considerations I need to think, technologies, modules etc I will appreciate it very much!

Many thanks in advance


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I now understand that this question may not have been formulated clearly.
But I'm looking to have a high level chat/discussion on the topic.

What I am trying to communicate is this - how do you manage multiple ads coming from different platforms and clients?
-- How do you display them on the site? Through a module? Through embedding code? Through an external platform?
-- Is this advertising presented in a different way depending on the device type the visitor uses?
-- How do you schedule ads in terms of Start and End Date/Time?

This question should be easy to answer for someone who has *some* revenue coming from ads. I'm only interested to get a very high level picture but which needs to be targeted to the Drupal feature and module functionality.

Any ideas where I should focus my attention, please shout!

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As with everything in Drupal there are many ways to do this, and no single right way. Drupal is all about understanding some underlying concepts and building blocks then assembling them your way: another person might get the same result by a different route.

It also partly depends on the kinds of advertisements you are adding, and what the advertiser or advertising brokerage site requires.

I suggest you test the simplest methods you can think of. If they are not working for you look at this module https://drupal.org/project/AD and the modules linked in Related Project block on that page (bottom right).