it sounds quite easy - but I'm trying to get a relation from one.

I've got:

Fetch relation endpoints
Parameter: Relation: [relation], Entity type: Node
Provides variables: Fetched Endpoint Product (endpoint_fetched_product)

Debug value
Parameter: Value to debug: [endpoint_fetched_product]
Fetch entity by property
Parameter: Entity type: Relation, Property: node (source endpoint), Value: [endpoint-fetched-product:nid]
Provides variables: Product Relation Fetched entity (entity_product_relation_fetched)
Debug value
Parameter: Value to debug: [entity_product_relation...

The first Debug value contains my expected node (ID 343). Then I'd like to get fetch a 2nd relation (endpoint_fetched_product - so NID 343 has two relations) but the 2nd Debug value is always empty.
How can I fetch the 2nd Relation of my node?

Thanks in advance
Bye, Transmitter