In an clean fresh Installation the variable 'file_directory_temp' is not set up correct in the script 'includes/' (function file_directory_temp).

Running Apache 2 with virtual hosts, PHP 4.3.10, Zend Engine v1.3.0, PHP.ini safe_mode=On + open_base_dir=/path/to/my/website + upload_tmp_dir=/path/to/my/website/php_tmp

If 'safe_mode = On' and 'open_base_dir = /srv/www/' is set in php.ini or via apache i get an error when trying to import an language:
open_basedir restriction in effect. '/tmp' is not within the allowed path(s): ...

The error seems to be in includes/ line 687 (function file_directory_temp() ; see underlined line). It is in currently (starting at line 681 for better understanding):

// Has PHP been set with an upload_tmp_dir?
if (ini_get('upload_tmp_dir')) {
$directories[] = ini_get('upload_tmp_dir');

// Operating system specific dirs.
if (substr(PHP_OS, 0, 3) == 'WIN') {
$directories[] = 'c:\\windows\\temp';
$directories[] = 'c:\\winnt\\temp';
$path_delimiter = '\\';
else {
$directories[] = '/tmp';
$path_delimiter = '/';

The error should get fixed if changing line 687 to
elseif (substr(PHP_OS, 0, 3) == 'WIN') {
because if there is set up an upload_tmp_dir in php.ini, there should not be an check for Windows OS.
There should only be an check for Windows OS if no upload_tmp_dir ist set.

The error can only be reproduced when the variable file_directory_temp has not been set by drupal. The easiest way to get this condition should be to set up an new drupal installation.
I got little trouble to reproduce this failure due to some caching effects i think, or because in setup of drupal is set file_directory_temp up in an another script or so.

If you got further questions, please contact me.

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Amazing really. I've been pulliing hair trying to figure this out. In fact it will stop the backup module cold. Backup module is hardly maintained and I think this is the cause of the mysterious but never fixed bugs. When you look closely at the error it says

backup_files(): Command 'tar cfz /tmp/backup-htdocs-MVSqRk install.php profiles misc scripts includes themes xmlrpc.php sites UPGRADE.txt update.php b.tar CHANGELOG.txt files .htaccess modules INSTALL.pgsql.txt _notes pictures INSTALL.txt MAINTAINERS.txt robots.txt c:\windows\temp index.php INSTALL.mysql.txt cron.php LICENSE.txt drupal-backup-db-20080327033312-549481290.sql.gz

Now that's funny becasue Drupal is on Cent OS 5. When I run ls I can't see anything in the directory but running ls -l shows c:\windows\temp . I delete with rm -f c:\windows\temp and no problem... but.. when I run backup I get the above error and guess what? The c:\windows\temp is back in the drupal root.

Now how is that? You supplied the answer above. This is a seriously sneaky and as a result very hard to catch bug in Drupal.

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Version: 5.6 » 5.7
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I'm unable to remove the c:\windows\temp from the drupal root directory. The OS is cent os5. I can see a directory or file called c:\windows\temp but it is indestructable. Yes I'm logged in as root and yes I tried to unlink it. Nothing works.

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You should be able to remove this directory with:

rm -rf "c:\\windows\\temp"/

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

There are no errors here. I guess the original poster forgot to create the "/path/to/my/website/php_tmp" dir.