The module is placing two blank spaces in the xml file of the feed, therefore it causes an error when I try to validate it at

The attachment shows how it looks

Is there away I could fix this myself or should wait until an update?

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This module shouldn't add any extra spaces/new lines at the beginning of the feed. I'd suggest to verify that you don't have any custom/modified template files which could add those, and if that's not the case please try the most recent dev version to check if you experience the issue there too.

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I also experence an empty (single) line at beginning of the feed causing it to fail at I have no custom/modified templates. Have also tested with Bartik and Garland (not sure if those templates matters) with same result. Using latest dev version as per now.

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I found the culprit - a custom module (I'm blushing...) had a couple of newlines at the end, causing this result.
This is a good resource debugging it:

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (works as designed)