Steps to reproduce:

  1. Use example 02-jquery.html
  2. remove captions for images (e.g. replace "alt=" with "noalt="
  3. add PS option "captionAndToolbarShowEmptyCaptions: false"
  4. run the example
  5. wait until the toolbar is hidden automatically
  6. click or tap on place where a toolbar button should be (if it was not hidden)

Expected result:
when you click/tap, toolbar is shown; image is NOT changed

Actual result:
when you click/tap, toolbar button is pressed (even when its hidden) - linked action is performed (e.g. next picture is displayed), toolbar remains hidden

Reason why this happens is that if both toolbars (i.e. button toolbar and caption toolbar) are displayed, when they hide, their display property is set to "none"; but if caption toolbar is permanently hidden, the button toolbar still remains with property "display: table", only its opacity is set to 0 (i.e. toolbar is not visible for user, but is still visible for browser and reacts to clicks).

Firefox 23.0.1, Photoswipe 3.0.5, jQuery 1.9.1

02-jquery.zip1.13 KBnothrem
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