Users on my site struggle with "follow." They don't want to follow *everything* in an entire group, nor do they want to follow one atom of content (post, document, event, person, topic, etc).

Canonical example is "i want to follow new items in my group(s) of a specific content type" --- maybe just new events, or new documents, or new posts.

there are probably other equally good notions of mid-level channels of content that people want to follow. Let's improve ability to follow those mid-level channels of content


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My sense is that this need is met with the ability to filter group and site homepage listings by content type. What do you think of that as a solution?

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That is a good point, but my most of my users are very email-focused. So they want that filtering capability applied to the emails that the site sends them. Right now the filters only work in the browser, right?

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That seems reasonable. There are a few places, including hook_message_subscribe_get_subscribers_alter() where we could alter who receives emails and provide a corresponding UI. We should consider whether email notifications should have a different level of granularity than the on-site "following" flag.

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One example of where this would be useful for is to allow folks to ignore job postings.