I installed drupal 7 and jPlayer. But I can not play video. Only audio interface comes out.

Which module should I install?



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What field type are you using? What is the file type you are uploading? A URL to the page would be useful.

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Hi nevets,


I created a content type-video by myself. The file type is mov, avi, webm and so on.
What do you mean " A URL to the page would be useful"?

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Hi LearningDrupal.

Nevets means most probably the address to your page to have a look.

There are a couple of ways to get the video implemented.

The quickest way without going to much into detail as I believe from your username that you are new to Drupal, might be uploading it to youtube and insert it as an

into one of your blocks. You can even style it then a bit for instance:

Hope that helps.


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Hi NielsSndt,


I just upload one video to my website, the linke is

There are some errors:

Notice: Undefined index: type 在 jplayer_sort_files() (行 170 在 /home/pkidsymi/public_html/sites/all/modules/jplayer/includes/jplayer.theme.inc).
Notice: Undefined index: type 在 jplayer_sort_files() (行 176 在 /home/pkidsymi/public_html/sites/all/modules/jplayer/includes/jplayer.theme.inc).

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Hi All.,

I want to display the videos along with thumbnail slider. When I click on the thumbnail image it will play the corresponding video.

Thanks in advance.