Hi, im trying to ask more information to the user after he registers, due to I do not want to show too many fields and make it soo complicated...

This is the workFlow I want

The user fills out a simple form -> then the user validates his email -> then i show him more fields he must fill out.

I tried this module https://drupal.org/project/complete_profile but it does not work for me, due to this module is just when you create a new required field, and forces the user to fill it out.

What i need is just ask some information at the begining while registering, and after user validates his account force the user to give me more information.

Do you know how can i do this, there is a module that can be useful for me?, I do not want develope my own module, due to i need it quickly. Thanks.


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Sure you can direct a person who logs in to any page you like after login, and there are multiple ways to do so. This is a lightweight one https://drupal.org/project/login_redirect. Rules module is a more complex but feature-rich option. There are plenty of other methods of doing a redirect on login.

Then after you have redirected him to the page where the extra fields are, you can ask him to enter more details. This could be on his user profile, or on a node edit form (this is more complex to set up), or a generic webform or an entity form or wherever you like really.

If you do it on the user profile form, you can decide which extra fields to show when logged in here /admin/config/people/accounts/display using Drupal core (or alternatively by using one of many non-core methods).