Hey there,

I am running a Drupal 7 set on my local VM with one processor and 2gb of ram put aside for it and nothing else touching it. LAMP Stack, Ubuntu if it matters.

I am running drush, and I am using the following command:

drush node-export-import file=ambassadorexportlive2.json -v

It just goes endlessly and only outputs these two lines:

Initialized Drupal 7.22 root directory at /home/liquid/src/reef.dev-vm/htdocs                                [notice]
Initialized Drupal site default at sites/default                                                             [notice]

Any ideas? I'm completely stuck. Some details that may help:

1- Only dealing with about 24 or so nodes
2- No image files exported as base64 or anything. Just simple field data.
3- The site I am moving to has some of the images already from nodes, others not moved yet.
4- PHP memory limit set to -1. Unlimited on my local dev instance.

Can't think of anything else relevant.

This is my third issue with this module. It's proving to be quite frustrating :(


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Category: support » feature
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I am able to get errors now. Error logging was turned off on the system, and therefore the import fails and displays no errors.

Turning this on results in errors and doesn't go on forever.

I imagine this should be resolved so I am marking it as a minor feature request.

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